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XXXXX at Piksel Seminar
Saturday 17th November
Studio USF
12:00 - 24:00
XXXXX at PIksel is a speculative 12 hour life coding event
The Shifts
Open Hardware (12-4PM):
1) Jessica Rylan - open hardware elaboration/audio representations of chaos.
2) Ludic Society - PITStop WORKSHOP for open source RFID.
Interface: (4-8PM):
3) Yunchul Kim, Roman Kirchner, Olaf Val - sound production from Candles, Tupperware, volcanoes and more.
4) Otto Roessler - world as interface
Code: (8-12PM):
5) Tatiana Bazzichelli, Paolo Cirio, Shu Lea Cheang, Stewart Home - working group for an elaboration of pornographic code.
6) Final compilation and execution (all).
The life coders will work continuously throughout the 12 hour event, instructing, structuring and restructuring the event.
Nancy Mauro-Flude, Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Alejandra Perez Nunez, Eva Verhoeven
remote: Bjorn Magnihldoen
XXXXX at Piksel by AP
[Peter Halley: Incoding Rules]
xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ is proposed and wilfully structured as a 12 hour life coding event within the context of previous xxxxx activities (Crash 2005, xxxxx 2006), and influenced by Plenum (collaboration with KOP, 2006).
xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ will exist as a major, inspired durational, performative event allowing for exchange and construction between invited international participants who truly exist on the bleeding edge of what could be termed contemporary Crash culture.
xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ expands software and hardware with a wilful emphasis on construction, an interface between theory and the active entry of making in the world.
xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ as event manifests a free software-led, coded structure of self-organisation, and unique working groups. Although some of these events will be ongoing (for example several working groups, and background material), the 12 hours will be assembled by way of shifts.
Life Coding
Life coding is a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and programming onto the world. In this instance it includes the invention and construction of models and language to actively describe and code the event; instructing, structuring, re-structuring and constructing the 12 hours. Life coding is obviously influenced by the existence of programming, fiction, scripting and execution.
xxxxx list for life coding: https://www.bek.no/mailman/listinfo/xxxxx
more information: http://1010.co.uk/xxxxx_at_piksel2007.html

Tatiana Bazzichelli: Communication sociologist and an expert in Media
Art, Hacktivism and Net Culture. She is author of Networking, The Net
as an Artwork.

Shu Lea Cheang: Cross-discipline media artist working intensively in
collaboration with projects such as Kingdom Of Piracy (KOP).

Paolo Cirio: With practice centred around the constant flux of
technological and cultural shifts Paolo is a prolific developer,
designer and collaborative net-artist [Opendock,

Stewart Home: Writer, film maker, arch prankster, plagiarist,
ex-neoist, working for the last 25 years collapsing theory into
practice in a variety of acclaimed publications and set pieces.

Martin Howse: Programmer, theorist and artist, working
collaboratively under the heading xxxxx, in audio performance and
wide ranging production and publication.

Jonathan Kemp: Artist, performer, theorist and collaborator, working
on the implementation of diverse speculative xxxxx productions.

Yunchul Kim: Yunchul studied composition in Seoul and later art at the
Academy of Media Art in Cologne. His composition and artworks have
featured in various international contexts, such as New York Digital
Salon, Transmediale, Electrohype and Ars Electronica.

Roman Kirschner: Roman co-founded the art group ”fur” in 2001, specialising
in multisensory interfaces in game context. In his latest works he
explores the animation of matter in visual and acoustic ways while
glimpsing at the emotional implications of turbocapitalism.

Ludic Society: (Margerete Charmante, Gordan Savicic, Duncan
Shingleton): Marguerite Charmante in collusion with Fleshgordo created
the Ludic Society in Bilbao Spain in 2005 as an international
association of game practitioners and thinkers who seek to provoke the
new artistic research discipline of ludics or indulgent play.

Nancy Mauro-Flude: Works with text, performance, radio, film, video,
photo and translocal media. Creates situations that the work exists
within the space, the interstices of genre, narrative and
socio/political borders.

Alejandra Perez Nunez: Independent artist and theorist,
representative of a diverse group of practitioners and writers
examining the electromagnetic environment and twinned industrial

Otto Roessler: Key thinker pioneering a view of the world as
interface within works concerning the new science of Endophysics.

Jessica Rylan: Artist and electronic engineer who builds unique
analog synthesisers. Her current projects attempt to make sense of
highly unstable systems through both scientific and intuitive

Olaf Val: Media artist working with audio-visual materials which are
expended by programming (software), soldering and tinkering
(hardware). His interactive projects are predominately installations
in which the electronic media are reduced to a minimal form.

Eva Verhoeven: Artist and theorist proposing a concise and well
defined series of laboratory-style experiments and interventions which
elaborate a trajectory from noise/interference within existent
(computer) systems towards speculative hardware.