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Piksel 08 Live Events
Audiovisual performances at StudioUSF december 4-7
* Festivalpass for live events and saturday subsections NOK 250, daypass NOK 150
* Sold at the door in StudioUSF or at our festivaloffice in Galleri 3,14

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
The three dimensional virtual enviroment of Second Life is both the homebase and the contextual base for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. The Orchestra works with its growing repertoire of compositions made especially for it and for this virtual environment. What is unique with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, is a size that makes it possible for them to work with sound within virtual environments in a vastly more fluent and varied way than can smaller constallations. The Orchestra approach Second Life as an instrument itself.
History and Future of the Solid State Entity
by Jessica Rylan
"We should all know the code of our programs, otherwise we can never be free." Jessica will present an interactive multimedia presentation, presenting the history and future of the solid state entity. Topics will include artificial consciousness in fact and fiction, neural programming and the dream world, control systems, and the history of microelectronics. The presentation will include photos, spoken word, synthesized sounds, and movement.
No Copy Paste
by Agoston Nagy & Gabor Papp
No Copy Paste generates music and visuals in real-time, utilizing live coding, which emphasises the expressive possibilities afforded by programming languages as a means for defining and manipulating computational processes. The aesthetics of the performance is determined by the programming method, in which all musical and visual materials are built during the event from scratch.
by Derek Holzer
Transparent tonewheels with repeating patterns are spun over light-sensitive electronic circuitry to produce sound and light pulsations and textures, while projected graphical loops and textures add richness to the visual environment. Performed entirely live without the use of computers, using only overhead projectors as light source, performance interface and audience display

by Christopher McDonald
Gertrude uses two stepper motors to move an LED in a high resolution x/y plane. The movement of the LED is photographed using exposures usually between 30 and 90 seconds. Gertrude can either be programmed to "print" a design automatically
Do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps?
by Iohannes M. Zmolnig
"do sinuisoids dream of electric sweeps" is a live-coding performance done in pure-data. it relies heavily on self-modifying Pd-patches that interact in an agent-these agents (aka: patches) can do weird things like:
move around, find out about other agents in their neighbourhood, connect to their neighbours and exchange data with their neighbourslike fashion.
Ab(used) Mediums
by One Man Nation (Marc Chia)
Ab(used) Mediums is a new performance set that uses a hardware interface to interact with open-source softwares with the hope of creating an open forum for like-minded musicians who want to have openly programmable hardware interfaces to create unique control settings suitable for the individual themselves.
RAW (Radiating Addictive Waves)
by Elpueblodechina & Bureau d'etudes
RAW is a performance showing raw results of a research that we would like to conduct during piksel workshop. The aim is to inquire into existing representations of the body in relation to machines. What are the effects of intense exposure to electromagnetic radiation from screens, computers and electronic technologies in general?

by Adam Parrish
The Frotzophone is an interface for making music with interactive fiction. The topography simulated in the game is used to generate sound, as is the player's path through the game. A Frotzophone "performance" looks just like playing a text adventure; but in addition to playing a game, you're also playing music.
Notstandskomitee Audiovisual Performance System
by Notstandskomitee aka Malte Steiner
An experiment in alternative user interaction with a realtime soundsynthesizer.This software system generates in one application stepsequences, soundsynthesis and visuals for realtime performance. It consists of 16 software instruments with a simplified but flexible wavetable synthesis.
Canetoad Orchestra
Robert Atwood, Jagan Sampath, Geraldine McEwan & Evan Raskob
An overlap of The Beardos (Jagan, Robert, Evan) and Canetoad Orchestra (Jagan, Robert, Geri) performing improvised music and visuals.
The performers adapt their programs or playing to one another's styles resulting in a new Indian - Noise - Beat - Free-Improv mixture, which, due to the feedback element, can become unpredictable even to the performers.
Gnirut Test
by Benjamin CADON - 01xy
Gnirut Test is an audiovisual performance that deals with our techno machinic evolution, driven by more and more powerfull digital tools and networks. Some scientists predict we will reach the technological singularity before 2030, more or less at the same time as the possibility to connect human brain to a digital network. What will the intelligence of thoose future intelligent computers will be fed with?

DYN-AMO Artefacts
by THE SCIE PROTOCOL (UK) aka Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi
This project arrives from a mutual interest in the deconstruction and dissemination of infomation recieved through the eye and/or ear. The performance is based on a discussion between an automated video score responding to a performer, who in turn responds to the video. Using Pure Data programmation, the performer triggers the composition of the images and deconstructs their narrative content.
Sensory Response Systems
by Ryan Jordan
This work uses DIY hardware to build a new interface for live computer music performance, aiming to turn the performers body and clothes into an instrument allowing them the embody new technologies and computational devices. Sensory Response Systems is using an array of sensors responsive to physical movements in order to control the audio-visual output in programs such as pd, SuperCollider & Processing.
Pat(c)hology : a distributed virtual orchestra
by Yves Degoyon
Pat(c)hology is a distributed music environment involving local and remote participants that control a patch ( Pure Data ) using an IRC channel and commanding a bot that will send commands to the running patches that triggers the actuation of virtual musicians, creating a virtual distributed orchestra.