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<h2> PikseLiveCD </h2>

<img src="front-640x480.png" />

Codename 'Art Libre'.

A LiveCD with Piksel-related software and art.

This place will be used for collecting necessary links and info -- go to the <a href="http://www.piksel.no/plenum">forum</a> for support!


 Get PIKSELBOX - the development version, now based on Debian. Current version made for piksel07:




PikseLiveCD 1.03 is the old stable version. 

Get it here: http://plot.bek.no/~piksel04/liveCD/

And check the [LiveCDChangeLog].

The PikseLiveDVD is a DVD version for with additional tools for developers to package their own apps and share it through a common repository. 

Get it here:

- http://bekstation.bek.no/piksel/piksel-dev-0.3.iso

- http://bekstation.bek.no/piksel/piksel-dev-0.3.md5


 - Boot from cd-rom on any PC.

 - Type two-letter keyboard code when asked.

 - Wait for automatic login process and desktop to appear...

 - Right click for menu.


 <b>++ report bugs and get involved in the development at the PikseLiveCD forum in <a href="http://www.piksel.no/plenum">PikselPlenum</a> ++</b>

++ List of included [LiveCD_SoftWare] ++

++ [liveCD_Features] ++

++ [liveCD_Cover] ++

++ Additional "graphix":LiveCDGfx ++

++ [liveCD_TODO] ++

Related links 

 o FTP repository for media, artwork, code and addons: http://www.bek.no/~piksel04/liveCD/

 o Mailing list: http://www.bek.no/mailman/listinfo/piksel-cd

 o Main piksel site: http://www.piksel.no

<h2> References </h2>

o CityBorg liveCD - http://www.cityborg.net/tiki-index.php?page=BorG_live

o  Slax , the Slackware Linux Live CD - http://slax.linux-live.org/